bakehouse SAMPLE Menu

(PLEASE NOTE: We are temporarily NOT taking pre-orders. But we WILL have plenty of delicious pastries for you at the bakery!) 


butter croissant

chocolate claw

pistachio blackberry twice-baked

raspberry violet twice-baked

ginger pull-apart

cinnamon almond bostock

fruity oat bar

buckwheat fruit financier

guava & cream cheese pastelito

breton fruit tart

seasonal fruit hand pie

brioche fruit tart

seasonal fruit galette

opera cake

chocolate pudding pie

chocolate chunk cookie

oat peacan coconut chocolate cookie

chocolate pudding doughp bun

passionfruit doughp bun

passion fruit coconut macaroon



everything croissant

ham and cheese morning bun 

mushroom tart

sauerkraut smoked cheddar peppadew tart

daily special pizzettes

savory rice porridge


curry potato turnover

bacon potato herb turnover

kimchee toast

croque madame

week-day special sandwiches

week-day salad specials




ciabatta loaf

ciabatta buns

daily special sourdough loaves


small sourdough country loaf

large sourdough country loaf

sourdough sandwich loaf


in addition to this menu, we make a handful of daily specials including pastries, breads, sandwiches, soups, hummus, croutons and salads. 

PLEASE NOTE: WE are temporarily not taking pre-orders, but we will have plenty of delicious baked goods at the bakery for you!